The game

”The year is 1992. The protagonists of our story (the players themselves) are private investigators who can rely only on their own perceptions and are armed with their keen logic to unravel the mystery behind a puzzling murder.

The client is a certain Dr. D., who contacts the investigators because of the murder of his colleague. The victim is Professor Stein, a famous researcher, who desperately tried to develop an antidote for an enigmatic virus which threatens the survival of mankind. According to rumours, the professor was really close to success when he met his doom.”

The investigators have to find the documentation about the antidote and the antidote itself and hand it to Dr. D., before it falls into the wrong hands.

Be quick, as the players have an hour to clue up or the authorities will take over and, who knows, the formula for the antidote may never see the light of day again!